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Hi, let me introduce myself: I’m Gary Wyatt.

Having recently sold the company I had built up over a 24-year period, I now find myself with a lot more time on my hands, and one of my favourite ventures is to explore new places around the world.

Travelling has always been a huge passion of mine. Having grown up in Australia, at the age of 23 I left my job working at Levi Strauss to go backpacking around Europe. I then spent a large part of my career working for American Express, which led me to live in the UK, USA and back in Australia. I then settled in the UK and founded, built and sold The Green Board Game Company; as a games developer I extensively researched most of the company’s travel games as well travelling around the world to visit international customers and run our trade fair stands. In between careers I have travelled extensively as both a solo backpacker and in groups and have lived in six different countries; UK, Australia, Germany, USA, Malaysia and Singapore.

So what is this travel journal all about? I love to travel. I have the time to travel. I hope readers of this journal may find some nugget of information or inspiration that they find useful.

My travels now mostly consist of city breaks with my wife Sue, family holidays with our four children (all now in their twenties) and occasional golf trips to give me some relief from family life!


Fun Fact: The first country where women could vote was New Zealand -in 1893.