3 DAYS IN // Porto, Portugal (2 and a half really)

Porto is Portugal’s second city. More down to earth than Lisbon. Not as affluent or as spread out, but vibrant, colourful and just as interesting. The Portuguese love of building cities on steep hills is in evidence here as in Lisbon. A big difference from Lisbon is that the River Douro is integral to the … More 3 DAYS IN // Porto, Portugal (2 and a half really)

3 DAYS IN // Bratislava, Slovakia

Roughly translated as the Brotherhood of Slavs, Bratislava is a low-key capital city, friendly and easy to navigate. It does not have the same vibe as Prague; it is smaller, more relaxed and has fewer tourist sites. Nevertheless, Bratislava has a quiet charm, with some beautiful architecture and an interesting history.  Bratislava is ideally situated … More 3 DAYS IN // Bratislava, Slovakia